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"[a woman i know who is part-mother tells me]"
"[mother, all things are heaven or]" &
"[sister, i exhale through my own bandage
Colorado Review

Previous Publications


"magnificent height" & "[and what we have come to says, "childless"]"
On The Seawall 

"[a woman who is part-mother tells me, if you had gotten pregnant]"

Thrush Poetry Journal 

"[love, it is a season of trances]"

berlin lit  

"[after all this, the riddles, the deep and flowered]"

Muzzle Magazine 

"[but then there was no one way]"
The Missouri Review, Poem of the Week 

"to try tracing it now is a mistake"

Annulet: A Journal of Poetics - Issue 5

"at the tree" & "after"
Between Paradise & Earth: Eve Poems 
Orison Books

"prayer from the bottom of the well"
jubilat - Issue 39

"sour epistolary" & "faulty worship"
Birdcoat Quarterly - Issue 8

"prayer without crescent-shape" & "when my love is not a subcontinent"

THE BOILER - Summer 2020

"to betray what's settled" & "over dinner"  

American Poetry Journal - Issue 18.2


"after december," "postdrome," "related to or regarding an interior," & "still"
DIAGRAM - Issue 20.1

"abandoned image
The Journal  - Issue 43.4

"even i know enough to know
Poetry Northwest - Summer & Fall 2019

"cold floods" & "nights, mostly
New South - Issue 12.1 

Sixth Finch - Spring 2019

"when he asks me to talk dirty
Verse Daily - April 11, 2019

(reprinted from Denver Quarterly) 

"receding monologue
Grist Online - Issue 12

"clipped sacrament," "unsheltering," & "when he asks me to talk dirty"  

Denver Quarterly - Vol. 52 No. 4

"post-eden pastoral
Columbia Journal - Issue 56

"so daylight" & "his point of entry
Juke Joint Magazine - January 2018

Boston Review - October 2017

"lexicon as i am owning up
Cosmonauts Avenue - September 2017

"once formed" & "departure
Thrush Poetry Journal - 
September 2017

"moonmilk" & "tracing lake superior" 
Prelude - April 2017

"to an ex-landlord
jubilat - issue 30

"figure #2
Sixth Finch - Fall 2016

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